Tax Planning and Preparation

Income taxes can play a significant role in your ability to retain and grow your personal wealth. We can help you navigate through tax issues and develop personalized tax strategies to strengthen your financial plan.

Change is the only constant in dealing with income taxes. New laws are created constantly through judicial decisions, congressional legislation and internal revenue interpretation. Scalco Financial is constantly monitoring these changes.

At Scalco Financial we offer services that go far beyond traditional tax preparation. We provide a full range of federal, state, and local tax services, including:

  • Individual tax preparation & planning
  • Business entity tax preparation & planning
  • Trust, gift, and estate tax preparation & planning
  • Employee benefits and retirement services
  • Client representation before the IRS, State, and other taxing authorities

As governments at all levels face major deficits, taxing authorities are becoming increasingly more aggressive in an attempt to compensate for revenue shortfalls.

As a result, businesses and individuals face not only an increased number of audits but also more forceful auditors.Scalco Financial can help you manage the audit process at all levels.


Track your Tax Refund

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